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OMMS Valentine’s Day Party

Okay, I had wanted to do this before, so here’s how it’s going to go. We can either to this Friday  of this week or next week, so before Valentine’s or after Valentine’s day, your guy’s vote.

Please reblog this with your vote of the Friday before or after.

Basically, it’ll just be like Taemin’s birthday party if you guys remember that, drinking the magical wine and lots of sexing. Please be on guys. I’m going to say, which ever day it is, I’ll start it at 9Est, 8Central, 6Pacific, etc. 

I’ll explain more when the date is decided.

— Admin/Minho 

Lee Joon and Mir are available for Role Play

Come join the Oh, My Magical School Rp and be part of the story

Let the Akward Smut Commence, Our Seunghyun is Here


Seunghyun ^^ ~

Name of character: Song Seunghyun ^^ ~

Magical Species (vampire, wizard, etc): Wizard||Vampire Mix;

Where (School, Vampire Realm, Human Realm, Demon Realm): School;

Rank (Teacher, student, or specify a other): Student;

Mate (do you have one in the story): My chicken Lover ♥; Onew

Your name or main account: Carmen; Hello-Keytty

How long you’ll be on in a week: I can be on when ever; All week?

Time Zone: U.S. EST;

Read story: Read all three ^^ !

Application accepted, please make your blog end in “-omms” and follow the specified people (basically, just follow everyone, there’s only five other on the rp)

I added a rule’s page to the directory.

Basically, since I know some of you guys are starting school up soon and will be busy with that, here’s it simplified.

  • Post something(Picture, a “Hey, anyone on”, etc.) at least three days a week so I know you’re still active.
  • On the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) be on for three hours, doesn’t have to be all three days, just one day. 
  • We’ve already figured this out, but continue to keep the rp neat (Cause we all know it’s definitely not clean with all the smut XD)

Super Junior is Available for Rp on Oh, My Magical School

Come Join the Story

FT. Island is Free For RP on Oh, My Magical School

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DBSK/JYJ Are Free for RP on Oh, My Magical School

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We need Onew’s mate for Chrismtas

Onew is missing his mate, Song Seunghyun, at the Oh, My Magical School kpop rp. Other Kpop and actors available to play as well. Come join. 




Day 7: Your favorite fanfiction of your OTP, by you or someone else.

Ok. Well it’s part of a series. And I like all 3 of them.
It’s just so…different. In a totally amazing way! There are 3 parts yet I want more. The polt is so clean and unique. The language  used so really good and understandable, I’ve imagined  a whole world in my head atm from what I’ve read. I want to go to this school T^T
Here’s the links:
1. http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/51203/oh-my-magical-school-life-2min-eunhae-jongkey-yunjae
2. http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/58694/oh-my-magical-school-break-2min-ftisland-jongkey-onew-seunghyun-shinee
3. http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/65017/oh-my-magical-school-trip-2min-jongkey-onew-seunghyun-shinee-superjunior-yunjae

I recomend everyone to read it. Unless you’re not into smut...losers.


Challenge: The 15 Day OTP Challenge

Oh my gosh guys, look, it’s our story. **sparkly eyes** I need to replog this on everything. 

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